Our Technology

Every aspect of AIT’s system has been designed to give the power to rapidly and simply customize your solution to the extent necessary.

  • PHP Scripting Engine

    The entire policy database schema is available for use within PHP scripts that are utilized in many areas of the system such as: rating computations, underwriting rules, accounting computations, process page branching logic, page validations, etc.

  • Table Driven and Script controlled as necessary

    Rating, underwriting, and accounting implementations can all be achieved by either simple table lookups that you define or PHP scripting that can be as complex as necessary; or by multi-step combinations of each of these.

  • Page Elements

    Pages that collect data and interact with the user are composed of page elements, which you define and can control. All page elements can be validated by the PHP scripting engine and become usable in all PHP scripts.

  • Rules

    PHP scripting is used to create page branching rules, validation rules, underwriting rules, etc.

  • Accounting Transactions

    Your accounting records are created in real time as transactions occur based on PHP scripted rules and computations that define your accounting control.

  • Process Pages

    Process pages are composed of page elements and are used to collect blocks of user data and interact with the user. Validations can occur at the page element level as well as the page and process level.

  • Processes

    Process pages are linked together to form a process, with scripted branching control logic to control how the process pages are traversed. Example processes are obtaining a quote, policy modifications, etc.

  • Document Creation

    Documents are created by mapping data elements and/or computed values onto the page using the PHP scripting engine to produce a PDF document.