Automatic Payment Kiosks

Maximize Efficiency

Free up your employees from doing simple payment taking tasks and instead allow your customers who prefer to pay in person to utilize an automatic payment kiosk.

Reliable, Secure, Multiple Payment Options

AIT has partnered with a “best of breed” hardware supplier to provide an ATM-class hardware enclosure with an external locked cage and an internal cash safe that can only be accessed by third party designates. Our system allows customers to make down payments as well as monthly and renewal payments via cash, ACH, and/or credit card directly with the kiosk without any employee interaction.

High Traffic and Large Cash Volume

Some of our busiest deployed locations support hundreds of payments per day and cash collections in excess of $10K on busy days. Large capacity dispensers and acceptors minimize the need for cash servicing to the greatest extent possible.

Employee Safety

Our kiosk eliminates the employee handling of cash and the need for cash deposits. Employees have no access to the cash safe and thus should not be in danger from attempted robbery.

Extensive Logging and Reporting

All transactions and the composition of all bills that were involved are logged in detail. Any cash servicing, regarding both addition of bills for change as well as the removal of cash received, are completely auditable. Additionally, the contents of all kiosk devices can be determined at any given point in time, both current and retroactively.

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